The Colorful Balloons

There were three colorful balloons. One was red, one was blue, and the other was yellow. They loved to play together and always went wherever the wind took them.

One day, as they were flying high in the sky, they saw a little girl walking below them. The girl looked sad, and the balloons wanted to help her feel better. So, they floated down towards her.

The little girl was surprised to see the balloons come towards her. But as soon as she saw their bright colors, she couldn’t help but smile. The balloons danced around her, and the little girl giggled with joy.

The red balloon then said, “We’re here to make you happy!” And the blue balloon added, “You can play with us anytime you want!” The yellow balloon chimed in, “We’ll be your new best friends!”

The little girl was overjoyed. She hugged the balloons tightly and said, “Thank you for being my friends. I love you!”

From that day on, the little girl played with the balloons every day. She took them to the park, to the beach, and even to her birthday party. The balloons had found a new friend, and they were happy to make her smile every day.

And so, the three colorful balloons and the little girl lived happily ever after, playing and having fun together. The end.