The Friendly Monster Under the Bed

In a land far, far away, there was a little girl named Lily. She loved playing and laughing, but there was one thing that made her a little bit afraid: the monster under her bed.

Every night when it was time for Lily to go to bed, she would peek under her bed to make sure the monster wasn’t there. But she could never really see anything, just darkness.

One night, as Lily was falling asleep, she heard a strange noise coming from under her bed. It was a soft snoring sound, almost like a purr. She was too scared to look under the bed, so she tried to ignore it and go back to sleep.

But then she heard a voice say, “Don’t be afraid, Lily. It’s just me, the friendly monster under the bed.”

Lily was so surprised that she sat up in bed and looked under her bed. And there she saw a little monster, with bright green fur and big yellow eyes, smiling up at her.

The monster said, “I know you’re scared of me, but I promise I won’t hurt you. In fact, I want to be your friend.”

Lily was a little bit hesitant at first, but the monster seemed so friendly and kind that she decided to give him a chance.

The monster introduced himself as Freddy, and he and Lily quickly became good friends. Freddy would tell Lily silly jokes and funny stories, and Lily would share her toys and books with him.

Whenever Lily was feeling scared or lonely, she would call out to Freddy, and he would appear from under her bed, ready to comfort her and make her laugh.

Lily soon realized that there was nothing to be afraid of when it came to Freddy, and that he was just a misunderstood creature who wanted to be loved and accepted.

From then on, Lily slept soundly every night, knowing that her friendly monster was always there to keep her company and protect her from any scary things that might try to creep into her room.

The end.